(Georgesco D'Anjou)
I always got no money
I don't think it's so funny
Nobody calls me honey
Makes me feel so sad
Yeah, I'm feeling sad
You got a hole in your shoe
You're the one they wanna screw
You wish you knew Kung Fu
I think I'm going mad
Yeah, it's making me mad
Robin Hood where are you now?
'Cause Batman's a fag
And he's starting to sag
You know the devil's in everyone of us
I get my dinner from a trash can
Mad, it's making me mad, mad, mad
My life is making me mad
When everyday's just the same
You can't remember your name
A stranger to yourself
It makes me feel so bad
Yeah I'm feeling bad
You meet a girl in a bar
You get to make it in a car
She says
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Refuse To Die Lyrics

Too Many Cooks – Refuse To Die Lyrics