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Here We Go Lyrics

Too $hort – Here We Go Lyrics

Featuring D'Wayne Wiggins
Chorus: D' Wayne Wiggins
How does it feel when ya livin like that and ya pockets are fat?
Cuz you're a playa and you're pimpin hoes
So tell me how does it feel when ya money aint right
And ya pockets are tight?
You're still a hustla and you can't let go
Verse 1:
When I was broke I used to feel the pain
Now I got money aint nothin changed
Same hustla tryin to hold on to what I got
And that's alot, players like me can't be stopped
I was starvin, couldn't afford a tv Dinner
But now I roll around in a db-7
Throwin up the two, to the hoes and pimps
It's all about the money, you know what I'm gettin
How the fuck you think I felt when I was broke
All the rumors I got killed and I was smoked
I tell the truth, I don't care how you feel about me
I'm still in the game and you still gotta see
My face goin down the muthafuckin street
Top down, beat loud with a top-notch freak
You say it aint real life
Cuz you don't know what it feels like, beyotch
Verse 2:
I feel like I'm a million dollar bill
Still in the game, all about the real
Can't feel sorry for you, do your thang
Don't be mad at the world cuz you can't hang
If you feel like doin somethin that aint productive
Look in the mirror, check yourself and say
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Songwriters: Brian Lee Carter, Matt Pelham
Here We Go lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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