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Coming Up $hort Lyrics

Too $hort – Coming Up $hort Lyrics

Aww hell nah nigga
We ain't doin no freestyles
Don't even know how to do that shit
Yeah whatevah
Check it out man, check this one out
I been rappin for half my life
I'm twenty-eight now sayin pass the mic
If you eighteen or nineteen speak up fool
I was born on the mic before you went to school
Talkin bout pimp shit, you know whassup
I wonder if you mom'll let you play that stuff
Now you're flowin like your name is water
But I'm ten years older and my game is harder
I'm not tryin to say you're out there dissin
I'm just tryin to say lil nigga listen
Before you grab the mic and act wild
Bitin on the next nigga's mackin style
And it's all from head, passin round the mic
Never even care who you sounded like
Sound like Snoop Dogg, then you switched to Treach
Bit the Pharcyde then A Tribe Called Quest
And you gots no respect for me, is that right?
Well jump your ass on the train witcha backpack tight
And keep rappin, I'm floatin past all the stops
In a clean ass Benz I have all the props
Fuck credit from a rapper can you match my Visa
I heard your girlfriend was a real dick pleaser
And a Too $hort fan, faithfully
When I came to your town she couldn't wait to see me
To the beat y'all, and it don't stop
It goes on cause I don't stop rappin
To the beat y'all, and it don't stop
It goes on cause I don't stop rappin
Let me tell you somethin bout a nigga named Short
Rappers always talk about the way I can't flow
But let me hit the mall with the same mc's
I be signin autographs, spend a gang of G's
While you walkin round broke, nobody knows ya
Lookin like you smok
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