Yea, yo, ay yo yo
Turn my mic levels up
Turn my mic levels up turn the beat down a lil bit
I wanna hear my swag nigga
You heard me turn my mic levels up
Turn the beat down, yeaaa
Fuck a recession man
Stocks just went down again
Fuck man, nigga bush on tv acting like don't be worried
Well I'm worried man
I'm about to trade in that bentley all that shit
Jewellery all that shit man

I've got swagger my shoes farragamo
Big 4 4 nigga yay catch a homo
Don't do tahoe, only ducatti
Take off the grill now the phantom is a caddy
I, balls watch christmas eve
Got louie fendi balls on my christmas trees

Nigga yayo for preident I free all the jails out
And buy coke with that 700 billion dollar bail out
The worlds biggest re up in the guiness books
I chef up cocaine like chemist cooks
I gets the illest looks over pro tools
Nigga step ya game up buck don't I hold tools
Nicknamed her old school I call her ice tea
And that new toy I call it soulja boy
I mix the coke with the soda boy
Now the crack game over boy
By the way I got that boy, bundles of it
And the pelle got bundles in it
Why a nigga so timid
300 hollywood 2 hoes in it
Looking like a fishbowl my life is the shiiidiit
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Swagga Like Us Lyrics

Tony Yayo – Swagga Like Us Lyrics