We gon pour a little liquor out
For all the gangbangers across the world
Smoke a little dro
For the niggas really reppin this shit
You know, yea, yea

If you gangbang homie, then what's your oath
If you gangbang cause, then who you smoked
If you gangbang nigga, rep your set
Cause I'm a rep my set g-unit

Record sales lookin bad cause these kids downloading
So I'm out in pa I got the whole town open
My daughters still growin up, coke price going up
My lambo doors are like gang signs (gunshot)
My crip niggaz with me, blood niggaz with me
The g shine niggaz turn they set to g-city
Blood stands for brotherly love overrise opration and destruction, you
Ain't got the birds then you frontin
Crip is community revolution in progress
My shooters got them rugers them lugers, fif's and llamas
You got love for the kings scream amor la ready
And them ms-13 boys they don't play
Don't get no tear drops without no bodies
I'm in that gtc drop the feds drive by me

[Chorus: x2]
You could be a blood, crip, meito or a king
Muslim, piru, ms-13
Nigga what's your oath, what set you claim
You gon raise your flag or die in vein
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Rep Your Set Lyrics

Tony Yayo – Rep Your Set Lyrics