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No, No, No (feat. Heltah Skeltah/Starang Wonduh) Lyrics

Tony Touch – No, No, No (feat. Heltah Skeltah/Starang Wonduh) Lyrics

[samples] {Ruck

[yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah]
{bitches on my fuckin dick yo
I'm a jump up in the whip yo
[uh, no, no, no]
{Tony Touch what we takin this through?
[yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah]
{Bushwick, Brownsville, are. N. S., Real nigga shit
[uh, no, no, no]

Verse 1:
(Starang Wonduh)

Now ya'll niggas know the whole damn B. Ville is evil
Step to the microphone, ya see skills
Niggas wanna step to us, ya gotta be real
C'mon down to Picken & Cris, its a done deal
? Barcaskiasco?, in the Benz with the rosco
I seen big booty Melinda jumpin out the Tahoe
Just coming from Payless, she stay stress
Talkin bout her cousin Lisa failed the aids test (damn)
She was tellin me bout her trip from Miami
Thinkin strapped tight "it might run up in the family"
Askin who's at the crib, only us
It was Ruck, Rock and my man Tony Touch

Verse 2:

Hey, Ho!
What it is?
Damn, how wigged out could it get?
We got Rock, Ruck, Starang, Tony Touch
Smokin drinkin chicks, we bout to bone these s***s
I can't front I'm a sucker for a swollen butt
So to conversate I keep this gat loaded up
So we're real close to us with a wondering eye on watch
For them faggots on they blocks and cops
(tell 'em who I forgot)
For all yall cb4 niggas
Them cockblockin to the 4th power whore niggas
Ya'll gonna have me pack out the 4-5th and get to spazzin B
I'd rather be
Scorin with ya sister
Its Rock-colo on some Magnum Force crook shit
With Tony Toca, from Brownsville to Bushwick
Smokin the good shit (good shit)
Undoubtedly plot
Fuck a lollipop, your bitch suck c*** in the spot

[samples](Starang Wundah){Ruck

(bitches feel Picken & Cris shit) [yeah, yeah]
(Do we get props when we spit this)[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {Im' sayincan I get my dick licked?[uh, no, no, no]

(Ya'll like that Will, Al, and Shawn shit) [yeah, yeah]
[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {You wanna smoke my dram, kid?[uh, no, no, no]

Verse 3:
(Tony Touch)

Aiyyo? With the In Your Ring logo
Hit you with like 15 years worth of promos
Ran through ya town and held it down for dolo
Rocked every show from Tokyo to Soho
Oh no
I'm havin a rap attack
Shell-toe Adidas with the hat to match
Of course Magnum Force spittin back-to-back
Yo Ruck, what the fuck? Where you at with that

Verse 4:

Yo what you laughing at son
I'm packin my guns and rappin over African drums
I see shorty on the side I'm lookin back at her buns
Yo I know she on my dick, that when the mackin begun
Only though on my mind was to get between her
Hips like Jennifer Lopez, face like Selena
Hope she aint a bitch like Misdemeanor
Tony touched her tits and she turned like Tina
My man Will saw it and he couldn't believe her
Way the bitch look, yo we got to team her
Put Spanish Fly in shorty-wop's Tequilla
And took her to the Jeep so the team could cream her
I did all that shit, it was a waste of time
I pulled the thong out her booty, it was laced with brown
I aint fuckin with this bitch cus she smell like shit yo
But I don't give a fuck she can suck my dick though
My man Rock said "you need to stop it now"
She got the whole Jeep smellin like? Baccalow?

[uh, no, no, no]


(We on some Bob Marley spliff shit) [yeah, yeah]
{Do we get props when we spit this[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {damn yo, I still can't get my dick licked?[uh, no, no, no]

(Do Tony Touch got tha bomb shit) [yeah, yeah]
[yeah, yeah]
[yeah] {Aiyyo I wanna fuck ya moms bitch[uh, no, no, no]


BCC is in tha house
Mfc is in tha house
Ogc is in tha house
Bitch ass niggas
Heltah Skeltah is in tha house
Reprasentativz is in tha house
Tony Toca is in tha house
Bitch ass niggas
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