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Honestly For You Lyrics

Tony Lucca – Honestly For You Lyrics

Don't throw on all that make-up for me.
There ain't a single part of you I wouldn't want to see.
Ya see, make-up only makes up for what's lacking on the inside,
And you ain't lacking, babe.
And don't feel you gotta dress no certain way.
There ain't no statement you could make,
That could say much more than you already say...say...say.
I say I hear you babe.
I hear you when you call to me.
When you're reaching you to offer me,
The sweetest taste of Heaven.
I hear you when you shout it out-
"It's love without a doubt now".
I'm in your arms again.
It's been so strong for so long.
All I can do is hold on.
And take you by surprise,
When you make it home to my eyes...

Where no one's gonna hold you any higher than I do.
I'll lift you high, give you all the strength of wings to fly, fly, fly.
No one's gonna make it any clearer than I do-
Clearly I love...but Honestly for you.

You don't need to read up on the latest things.
It ain't no world of yours out there-the circus of magazines.
They're just photo opportunities,
Making you who they want you to be-
You're so much better, babe (yes you are).
There ain't much you're gonna have to do for me.
Girl, I'm yours so easily. I give you all of Love's simplicity for free...
Feel free. Feel free to take me, babe. Just take me baby.
Take me where tomorrow lies.
Where the white wings of the Angels fly-
Fly me high to Heaven.
Take me where you want to go cause girl you know I'll follow.
You just tell me when.
It's been so strong for so long,
All I do is hold on,
And take you for a ride.
Girl you're finally home by my side.

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