I do the chicken, child
In my sleep
Opera music gives me the creeps
Rock and roll is all I crave
And I'll be doin' the chicken, child
To my grave

Rock and roll makes me chicken all the time
Is hard to get this thing off my mind
The chicken, baby, is all I wanna do
Ah honey come along and do the chicken too

[Verse 2:]

I do the chicken, child, on the street
It knocks my head and moves my feet
The chicken hits me all the time
If I don't do it, honey child,
I'll lose my mind

Chicken baby, chicken
Chicken baby, chicken
Chicken baby, chicken
Chicken baby,
Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bay yeah,

Woah baby
Chicken baby baby,
Chicken all the time


[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat verse 1]

[Repeat verse 2]

Chicken baby, chicken
Chicken baby
Chicken baby, chicken
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Chicken, Baby, Chicken Lyrics

Tony Harris – Chicken, Baby, Chicken Lyrics