[Verse 1]
Tell Her I'll Be Waiting
In the Usual Place
With the Tired and Weary
And There's No Escape
To Need a Woman
You've Got To Know
How The Strong Get Weak
And The Rich Get Poor

Slave to Love (Oh-ooooo)
Slave to Love

[Verse 2]
You're Running With Me
Don't Touch The Ground
We're Restless Hearted
Not the Chained and Bound
The Sky is Burning
A Sea of Flame
Though Your World is Changing
I Will be the Same

Slave to Love (Oh-oooo)
Slave to Love
Slave to Love (Na na na na, Oh-oooo, Na na na na)
Slave to Love
And I Can't Escape
I'm a Slave to Love

[Instrumental Solo]

[Verse 3]
The Storm is Breaking
Or So it Seems
We're Too Young to Reason
Too Grown up to Dream
Now Spring is Turning
Your Face to Mine
I Can Hear Your Laughter
I Can See Your Smile

Slave to Love (Oh-oooo, a-haaa)
Slave to Love (Oh-oooo, uh-uuu)
Slave to Love (Oh-ooo, a-haaaaa)
Slave to Love (Oh-oooo, uh-uuu) ...
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Slave To Love Lyrics

Tony Hadley – Slave To Love Lyrics

Songwriters: Bryan Ferry
Slave To Love lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, BMG Rights Management

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