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Bite Lyrics

Tony Ferrari – Bite Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I may keep quiet,
But I’ll hold my ground.
When you go bend the truth,
That’s when I will get loud.

So you and that old man of yours,
Can keep barking now,
But don’t push me far enough,
‘Cause I won’t bark, I’ll howl.

So don’t you dare
Push me far enough, till I bite.
I’ll leave
You so far in my dust,
And you won’t ride these coattails
No, no more, not a word
You’ll be out the door.
So don’t make me bite.

[Verse 2]
You thought you could take me,
And go wring me dry,
But when could say it to my face
Couldn’t look me in the eye.

And try to send me to the pin,
But who broke the law?
Trying to get me on the crime
That no one ever saw.


Don’t make me bite,
Like the coward that you are,
You couldn’t fight.
You just went behind me back despite
Of what was wrong and what was right,
And look where we are tonight.

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