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Street Beat Lyrics

Toni Basil – Street Beat Lyrics


Foot out the door, I am not a toy
Shoot your rocket outer space
Blast me to the void
I don't need him, time to move my feet

Lips are on and they're so red
Everything must move ahead
Move on baby desperate
Kickin' like a majorette

(Oh, did she beat him or knock him off the streets, she go)

Street beat, she goes walkin' down the street
Street beat, she just knocks them off their feet
Street beat, she goes walkin' out the door
Street beat, she don't want him anymore

Too many fools, makin' that response
Girl on the string, give him what he wants
I don't need him anymore
To keep me through the shock

When a person comes today
Tell my man I moved away
When the dog works for his food
Beat them with your attitude

(Repeat [Refrain] and Chorus)

She's got that street beat
(Repeat 4X with [Refrain] as counterpoint)

Night on the town, runnin' with the girls
Now that I am free again, it's such a diff'rent world
Fifty eighth or third, fashion's right for me

Shootin' by a crowded bar
Lowriders in souped-up cars
Don't throw kisses out the door
‘Cause I'm the one who's keepin' score

(Repeat [Refrain] & Chorus)
Coda: (Fade)

(Repeat Chorus with [Refrain] as counterpoint)
(She don't want him anymore)
(Repeat 4X, with [Refrain] as counterpoint)
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