Addicted To The Light
Music & Lyrics: Andre Tonanni

Wanna be a winner?
Face the world and play
Wish upon a star but keep you heart wide-awake

You know how to find me
Where the stars are bright
Nobody can stop me, I'm addicted to the light

I just feel that now is time to move on,
So pack your things let's get the hell out of here

Crazy, maybe I just wanna have fun
And show you now that there is nothing to fear

Comes a day, that dreams are close, you know the tide is high
Comes a day, so spread your wings and fly (Chorus)

Can't you see, that our time has come
So grab my hand you know together we're strong

We were born to shine, there's no way to hide
Don't be afraid, the stage is where we belong

Comes a day, that dreams are close, stand up don't waste your time
Comes a day, so raise your hands and fight (Chorus)
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Addicted To The Light Lyrics

TONANNI – Addicted To The Light Lyrics