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Last Alternative Lyrics

Tommy Wright III – Last Alternative Lyrics

Ain't no use in throwin' blows
I just wanna smoke you hoe
Ain't no use in throwin' blows
I just wanna smoke you hoe
Ain't no use in throwin' blows
I just wanna smoke you hoes
I just wanna smoke you hoe
Ain't no use in throwin' blows

[Verse 1: Tommy Wright iii]
Hollow points spray, everyday, all day, till the day that I fuckin' die
Street sweep through the hood wid my nigga Kiki in the wood
Wid the ooze, hangin' out the sunroof doin' drive-by
You survive, that's a lie, fifty niggas standin' on the corna
Watchin' every muthafuckn' move you make
Some perpetrate, shootin' ball on crate
Got rocks in they socks, narcs come nigga break
Bullet penetrate, in a nigga face not payin'
Tryna fuck wid Tommy Wright don't fight just blast
Last nigga died, when he tried, pimpin' big
Got killed, blood spilled, dump they body in a field
B-I-G woulda probably gave you "One More Chance"
But not me, on my tone, get the phone
Dial 911 and reserve you a ambulance
Bustas braggin', eye cappin' lyin' bout who they done put to rest
Prove it to me, do a street sweep
Put a hole in a nigga chest that forgot to wear a bullet proof vest
Bloody mess and bloody sink, bloody hands, bloody pants
Wasn't shit different when I moved in South Memphis
For the nigga millimetre for they broad got pimpin'
Lampin' on the track wid ah handful ah rocks
And ah Ziploc Glock on safe, gotta watch ufo, undercover 5-0
Still on parole can't catch another case
Creepin' night Tommy Wright, no street lights in the hood
Go to war with the world if I gotta
Roll up ya sleeves, put ya dukes up and bleed
Tommy Wright don't fight, wrong move, ratter-tatter

Hook (1x)

[Verse 2: La Chat]
Hoppin' on these bitches, leavin' 'em wid stitches
Reason why I do these funky hoes
If you bitches got some anna bring the shit on
Cause La Chat still won't go
Cappin' all these suckas, fillin' these bustas
Shoot 'em to the ground wid my nine that I tote
Bitches wanna test my motherfuckin' pimpin'
Best believe that's a motherfuckin' lesson hoe
Beatin' these bitches to the ground
That's my hobby I like to do
Busta ass hoe got a Glock at her side
Betta pull it cause she got no other choice but to shoot
Threaten my fuckin' life hoe that's a no no you lil silly hoe
You one hoe, that I know that done know
That your stupid ass gotta vamp gotta go
Evil signs I do not see, it's just the hatred in my blood
It's just me when I feel the need I'm poppin' them motherfuckin' slugs
Bitch I am the scandalous I do not play them silly games
Never plan to fall will we put none ah these bustas lemon lames
Know this anna's on my mind, it keep me doin' a fuckin' crime
Never like caught, slippin' bitch, I bet I keep my fuckin' nine
Got some anamosity, here's my fuckin' do' key
Get that shit up off your chest
My 20 guage track will handle the rest

Hook (1x)

[Project Pimp]
I gotta be makin' that cash, the bigga my stash
I put on my halloween mask
Time to go trick or treat, fold up them swisher sweets
Makin' them lemons lay down in the grass
My weapon I'm grippin' ain't no time for slippin'
The Pimp and I'm all about makin' that cheese
Robber who robbin' them bitches for riches and dumpin'
Ain't no stoppin till I get some kis
Full ah that weed, so I can proceed wid my plans
And take care my family through problems
Hit up my nigga that wanted Li-zo and Terrel
Some playas who down to go robbin'
Think that I'm flodgin' don't slip and get killed by them bullets
That fly from the. 45 clip, that cocaine is in my brain
Got me straight doin' thangs, to them hoe niggas when I catch 'em slip
No mercy for suckas and bustas when I'm on my hustle
I take care ah my business off top
Regardless whoever that nigga might be
When I take all his cheese, I bet he get shot, be clippin' that Glock
It full wid black talon for static I might have to aim on ah low
I kick it wid killers, dog dealers, graveniggas
Who squeeze on the triggas, we dumped on 'em low

[Tommy Wright Iii]
Tommy Wright, creep at night, ready to take your fuckin' life
Roll them dice, get a side bet
Tommy best shot betta aim that I get
Murder one expert, drinkin' red rum
Hoe my mouth don't move cause I talk wid ah ooze
Slip on my gloves, Tommy gots no love
Two Glocks Tommy shot two cops on a rooftop
Pistol grippers, leavin' y'all bodies in plastic bags wid zippers
Where I'm from niggas come wid pistols
Tommy got a tech in the middle ah the street yellin' who's next
I'm gon' buck 'em, and I'm gon' stuff 'em
Tommy don't love 'em it was only fuck phonies
Six feet to me ain't deep
Can't be seen wid ah dead dope fiend in the passenger seat
Really don't give a fuck, nail it to your nuts
Everyday parlay sun down, sun up
Niggas don't want no peace so they pack a piece wait
Murder show at twelve can't be late
Fuck scrappin', Tommy Wright cappin' and dappin'
When the damage is done, do away wid the gun
On the run, real billy sippin' O-Z
Ten wanted men feelin' deep, trick or treat, fuck tha police

Hook (1x)

[Tommy Wright Iii]
Dig that, Memphis niggas ain't scrappin' no more
Especially ten wanted men, fuck scrappin' we cappin'
It's on like cap, biotch!
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