Cotton Patch Girl 2: 44 Trk 6 Disc 1
Tommy Mcclennan
Recorded: Wednesday Nov. 22, 1939 Chicago, Illinois
Rca Studio A., A&are - Lester Melrose
Tommy Mcclennan - vocal & guitar
Album: rca Bluebird Recordings 1939-1942
Rca 07863, 67430-2 (Bmg Music) 1997

I left my baby in Mississippi
Pickin' cotton down on her knee
I left my babe in Mississippi
Whoo-ooo, pickin' cottton down on her knee
She said, 'Babe, you get Chicago all right
Pleee-ase right me a letter, if you please

I said, 'Baby that's alright
Baby, that's alright for you'
I said, 'Baby that's al-ri-yi-yight
That's alright for you'
She didn't say, 'Wha'ch a-mean? '
You just keep a-pickin' cotton, right there
Oh babe, should I get through

Now, I'm 'on leave Mississippi
Hopin' I might flag a ride
Wh' she say?
I said, I 'on leave Mississippi, baby
Hopin' I might flag a ride
An if I don't get nobody
Oh babe, I'm gon' pass on by

'Play that bossman'




Babe, when I get in Chicago
I'd a-swear I'm 'on take a train
'Take your time now and play it right
'a 'cause it's last go round'
When I get in Chicago, babe
I'd a-swear I'm 'on take a train
I know when I get back to Mississippi
I'm sure gonna change yo' name.

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Cotton Patch Blues Lyrics

Tommy Mcclennan – Cotton Patch Blues Lyrics