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Cat's Eye In The Window Lyrics

Tommy James – Cat's Eye In The Window Lyrics

There's a cat's eye in the window
Looking at the haps that go undone.
Taking in the rats, that's not the evil,
The devil is the cat that's got your tongue.

Well, I went for a walk in the country
Where they say the air is really fresh and clean.
I hear that Mother Nature doesn't care for the city
But the people here are just as mean.
Well, I came upon a beautiful mansion
And it was old, about three hundred years
And the gate was so rusty that I kicked it down
I walked closer, here's how it appeared.
There were four huge pillars that were cracked so bad
That I couldn't figure out how they stood
Well, the glass was all busted,
But, my God, the things must have once upon a time looked awful good
Repeat chorus

It was many, many, many times a millionaire's home
And the master must have been quite a man
But for some strange reason I became so mad
Because I just could not understand
How could anybody build such a beautiful dream
And let it sit and rot and die in the sun
Then it suddenly came to me the house was humanity
And history had finally won
I walked away with a terrible feeling
'Cause I suddenly realized
I was looking at the epitaph of good Mother Earth
And I could hardly keep the tears from my eyes.
Repeat chorus

Cat's eye in the window. Cat's eye.(repeat ad lib until fade ou
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