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Waiting Lyrics

Tomi – Waiting Lyrics

I?ve been waiting for you, for you, to come
And I know that you are far way where you?re coming from
Said you?re taking the bus
Or your taking the train
And if you happen to miss them both
You promise to get on the plane
I?m so happy that you found your way home
Always wanted you near
But you left me alone
I?ve been waiting for the time we never, never spent
Don?t think you comprehend what to me
You really mean

I am waiting for you
But I know you?ll never come through
I am waiting for something
But I know I?m waiting for nothing

Every minute I?m waiting feels like an hour
And every hour seems to me like eternity
I?m looking for my sunshine like the sunflower
But I can?t seem to find my security
Keep looking out the window
But I don?t see you coming
Keep lying to myself that something must have happened
But you still running to me
I can hear you knock on the door see your shadow on the wall
I need some closure to go on
But I think I?m losing you overall

Hook Repeat

I?m leaving the gate
Cause I lost all my faith
I won?t torture myself and sit here and wait
I don?t know what you want me to say
Could have met me half way
You should have told me you?re not coming
You shouldn?t have had me misled
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Songwriters: TOMAS POPOVIC
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