My life isn't my mine, I know it every time
I try to make it on my own
This loneliness I feel, can only be healed
By something greater, I already know
That feeling never gets old

Chains aren’t for me
Maybe cause I believe
And I see, I'm already free

All I know is I'll be fine
I know it's not just time
Before you're here by my side
Cause you're already near
You're already here in my life

Happiness is real
I know it cause I feel it
Every time you're around
Emptiness is real
But grace filled those holes that had torn me down

I tried to find a better way and runaway
But no one cared but you always stood by me
When I needed someone in my darkest hour
To help me see the light was always there to set me free
You set me free
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All I Know Lyrics

Tom Wehrle – All I Know Lyrics