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Spare Parts Lyrics

Tom Waits – Spare Parts Lyrics

Well the dawn cracked hard just like a bull whip
Cause it wasn't takin' no lip from the night before
As it shook out the street, the stew bums showed up
Just like bounced checks, rubbin' their necks
And the sky turned the color of Pepto-Bismol
And the parking lots growled
And my old sports coat full of promissory notes
And a receipt from a late night motel
And the hawk had his whole family out
There in the wind, and he's got a message
For you to beware cause he be kickin' your
Ass in, in a cold blooded fashion
Dishin' out more than a good man can bear
I got shoes untied, shirt tail's out, ain't got a
Ghost of a chance with this old romance
Just an apartment for rent down the block
Ivar Theater with live burlesque
And the manager's scowlin', feet on his desk
Boom boom against the curtain
You're still hurtin'
And then push came to shove, shove came to biff
Girls like that just lay you out stiff
Maybe I'll go to Cleveland or
Get me a tattoo or somethin', my brother
In law's there
Skid mark tattoo on the asphalt blue
Was that a Malibu
Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift
Cumming on to the broads with the
Same ol' riff. Hey baby come up to
My place, we'll listen to some
Smooth music on the stereo, no thank you
Got any Stan Getz records
No I got Smothers Brothers
So I combed back my Detroit
Jack up my pegs, wiped my Stacy Adams
Jacknifed my legs, yea I got designs
On a moving violation
Hey baby, you put me on hold and I'm
Out in the wind and it's getting
Mighty cold...
Colder than a gut shot bitch wolf dog
With 9 sucking pups pullin' a 4 trap
Up a hill in the dead of win
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