Watching you mix up the paint... Brush away
The questions now... Ask another fovor of who ever.
You say it's failure not contempt that makes an
Honest fool of you... L think I'll use a lighter blue...
There's a reason for that but I don't want to talk
Much about it... Isn't that the funniest thing. I think
About it all the time but I don't want to talk much
About it. Ok, Ok, anything you say.
Striking up another match... Put it to the candle there
Reading them old valentines. Trucks are going in
And out of that big garage all night... I wonder why you
Turned on me as if I was a one way street but I don't
Want to talk much about it... L think about it
Some of the time but...
Playing checkers friday night... All your brother's
Friends are drunk... Opinions they get funny too.
I'm thinking of the things you said, looking at the
Bottles there... "no deposit, no return"... Empty or full, it
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The Funniest Thing Lyrics

Tom Verlaine – The Funniest Thing Lyrics