[on later issue replaced with Under the Boardwalk]

If they could see me now, Booming and Zooming
If they could see me now, Booming and Zooming

F104, come in F104......
C'mon get down F104.
Ho, get back up F104!
Aw, now, one more time for me on the ground F1--104 get down..

'Cause you know and I know it's a private thing at twice the speed of
Sound blue goes to black.

You're spinning flat like a skipping stone F104 but don't green apple,
Ok. We want no defenstrations today, okay?

F104 where are you at? Play it Kenneth!
Uh! You think you're staying cool while it's getting hot,eh?

F104 here, uh, stop flapping your gums.
I wear my own clothes now
And I don't need you to roll up my sleeves, ok?

Uh ground here, uh, that's a couple of million, F104.

F104 here, uh, look this is a private thing
And I don't want you talking about it
Down there with your nice friends.
Cause this is a private thing, ok?
Cause I've tried A
And then I've tried B
And then I've tried C...
But no, I won't green apple.

Uh, this is the ground F104, get outa there, get outa there F104!

F104 uh, not to sweat baby,
It's my hide and I can ride her out.

This is the ground get down here F104. You and I know who your hide
Belongs to!

F104 here, uh, I guess I'm at about 75 thousand feet
And the rpm's are damn near zero,
Uh, maybe falling about 150 feet a second,
Uh, that makes about 9000 feet a minute.
Uh, Like I said I've tried A
And I've tried B
And C, didn't do nothing.
Just spinning around
Like a boomerang
In the sky up here!...I reckon.

I got about one last shot.

Ok, this is a private thing
This blue to black
At twice the speed of sound.
It's green silent peace,
With waves around.
And it's lighting up
Like a damn Christmas tree in here!

But we'll ignore what these little lights are saying
And enjoy the view because
You know and I know
It's just that little old problem
Our boys in Engineering find so entertaining

This is the ground, come in F104, come in F104, come in F104.

F104 here, I'd love to talk to you sweetheart
But this Christmas tree is smoking
And it's obscuring the view.
I'm preparing to disintegrate now,
I'll see you boys
For a drink on the ground
At about 1900 hours, okay? BYE!

If they could see me now, Booming and Zooming
If they could see me now...
If they could see me now, Booming and Zooming
.....Booming and Zooming
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Booming And Zooming Lyrics

Tom Tom Club – Booming And Zooming Lyrics

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