I'll follow my dreams like a soldier of fortune
I'd rather chase rainbows than stay here and grow old and never know
How high I could fly if I reach for the sky
It's my turn to try so I'll take my best hold

I've done my time in the beer and wine mines
Tryin' to climb with my own kind of rhymes it ain't easy
I've had my doubts what they're mostly about
Whether I should reach out to the crowd to just try to please me
Chasin' the brass rein and bendin' guitar strings are the things I enjoy most of all
We can just call this a mission of mercy but the soldier of fortune should fall

(I'll follow my dreams) I already know it's a rough row to hoe
But I can't let go I've been almost so close a few times
My sights are all set it's my chance to get
Somethin' better than whatever it is that I'm leavin' behind
Chasin' the brass rein...
I'll follow my dreams...
I'll follow my dreams like a soldier of fortune
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Soldier Of Fortune Lyrics

Tom T. Hall – Soldier Of Fortune Lyrics

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