Gold red black green purple silver
Each at the end of a line of noise
Thankfully craving more frequent vibrations
Your music is taken out by space-time ploys

Memories wrote your thoughts on a wall
Or maybe someone else just gave you a poem
With the closest of friends most furthest apart
Please draw me a picture, anxiety's showing

Spending your time learning hablar boliviano
Please take some pictures on your camera
Alternative reality dream's getting old
Awaiting word from Cochabamba

Watching the scene both sober and stale
Ears full of khomus craft harp sound
Letters from transatlantic email
I'm missing having you around

My tree tall freind is covered in you
An aroma, 3 in a smokey sea of sound
Writing on an ice cream wrapper in 08
Return from the land where community's crowned
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Letters From Cochabamba Lyrics

Tom Shaw – Letters From Cochabamba Lyrics