Baby, I heard thunder
I woke up, middle of the night
Baby I saw fire
I went left, I went right

So you tell me what you want me to do
This might be over honey
It ain't through
Let me know
When you're fininshed with me
What you want me to be
Baby, you tell me
Honey, you tell me

Baby, I don't understand this
But that's alright
I can take a little pain
I've been winnin' and losin'
Baby, I've been in and out of the rain


Well you put me through
Your paces and your twists
Until I felt like dying
Yeah, the last thing that I needed
Was to finally realize
That you were lying


Baby, you tell me
Will you tell me
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You Tell Me Lyrics

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – You Tell Me Lyrics

Songwriters: Tom Petty
You Tell Me lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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