From a table across the room
She was signaling me with her eyes
I walked over to be introduced
I said, "Hello", she just smiled
And said, "I know a place
Not too far from here
We could get away for a while"
Yeah, that's when she kissed me
And told me her name
I never did tell her mine

I remember the smell
Of the wind through the suite
And I know that she's out there
Somewhere in the world
She's forgotten me but I remember her

Well her lips were as warm
As that wet southern night
Her eyes were as black as the sky
And I wondered aloud
Just what I'd done right
As I lay there, with her by my side
Then she took hold of my hand
As she looked up at me
And said, "Now I must tell you goodbye"
And there in the moonlight
As I watched her leave
I felt a chill down inside

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Magnolia Lyrics

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Magnolia Lyrics

Songwriters: Tom Petty
Magnolia lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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