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Savannah Nights Lyrics

Tom Johnston – Savannah Nights Lyrics

Well, when the night falls
Way down in Savannah
Well, you can find him
Down on Fourth Street
Hidden out in the night

Ran into his good time buddies
Never gonna need no rest
Walking round in his dancing shoes
Gonna put em to the test

Look out, world
Cause here he comes
Moving through the night
The kids are looking
For the good time

There's a lady and
She's standing in the corner
But she's a little but shy
She needs some coaxing
On the dance floor

But pretty soon
She caught his eye
Now he's moving in
Beauty's shy but in her eyes
She starts his head to spin

He keeps up all the dancing
Starts them both to swing
Now they're getting to a good thing

He is the King of Savannah nights
The inspiration, the ladies delight
You could not catch him
If you wanted to try tonight

[Chorus:] 2X
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