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I'm Gonna Miss You Lyrics

Tom Eeckhout – I'm Gonna Miss You Lyrics

I'm gonna miss you

I met a special girl
She is perfect for me
She's my best friend
I want her to be always with me
But at the and of the school year
I never gonna see her anymore
And next year she's forgotten me
That's one thing I now for sure

But one thing I now
That is I will never forget you
You are the best thing
That ever came into my world

She says that we will
See each other sometime
But I'm always gone
And she has not much time
I really gonna miss her
I wanna be around her
I see her everyday
But next year it'll be different


I already miss her
When it's weekend
And I'm almost death
When It's vacation
Oh, next year I'm gonna die
And I don't wanna lie
I wanna see her everyday
And else it'll be over

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