[Verse 1: Tokyo Shawn]
The way I kick it
I kick as if my name was liu kang
I'm hotter than blue flame, don't get caught in it
Spitting that jon wayne, kill em leave em wit no name
As sane as kurt cobain in my lo mien
As smooth as Coltrane when I hit a stain
Tell em I ain't playin, I already won, this the post game
Aw maine, no he didn't
Run it like emit in the old days
I run it you run it for no gain
Wit no propane needed
I get heated immediately
An get to kicking like a developing fetus
But still developing meaning
My mind scenic, I'm genius
If you scene it you would probably be tweaking

An I promise this
Let me change my hypothesis
We live in the apocalypse
Everything that's real is the opposite
Isn't it obvious
If your not convinced, then tell me how ur body gets
A feeling an senses when someones watching it
For get it, it's probably to hard to comprehend
I'll probably get shot for this, fuck it I'm already probably dead
Speakin to all of ur consciouses
Making them want to get out the box they've been living in
Living in a box so they limited
While I'm living limitless
And I'm getting all the benefits
Cold blood got yo body shivering
I'm a pimp, life a bitch
So we getting intimate
Hit once, hit again then I pass her to a friend
And I'm getting dividends when I go an middle men middle
Cuz I'm more plug then a television is
I'm scotty pippin wit the assist
Cuz I'll be dishing it as soon as I'm getting it

Naw fuck that I'm ray lewis at the line of scrimmage
An you better watch out cuz I'm blitzing
Flyer then dasher, vixen, dancer, pancer, comet, cupid, donner, and blitzen
St. Nicholas give em gifts when I spit this
An I rip it, like it's perforated
But my preference is nothing less than excellence
So you could jus step in the name of love but I'm not are. Kelly so don't step to this.
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Community Service Lyrics

Tokyo Shawn – Community Service Lyrics

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