Where does time go
When it flies by,
Cause it's always leaving me behind?
One of these days,
When I'm the president,
I'll give new meaning to the weekend.

So when we rule the world,
We'll put it up to a vote yeah.
To make another day,
One more like saturday,
So we can stay late.
All those in favor for
Cutting the workweek short,
Raise your hands and say yeah!

A hard day's work
Deserves a hard day's night.
You should be sleeping like a log.
You work so hard,
And yet you work too late.
I wish you'd just punch the clock in it's face.


We'll make it a crime
To work overtime, no explanations.
If you are accused of work-aholic abuse,
We'll send you on vacation.

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Saturday, Everyday Lyrics

Tokyo Rose – Saturday, Everyday Lyrics