I don't play tag cause bitch I'm it
And imma turn it on like a motherfucking switch
And you ain't got tell me that just smell me I know I'm the shit
So get your ass to the back cause bitch I'm in the front of this
Security I need help with the haters
You'd think I was an art the way I go get extra paper
But besides all that I'm on top
You hoes washed up like a motherfucking mop
Might as well dust my shoes off when I walk pass
I'm arrogant as fuck and still will put you on your ass
And put you on the curb like last week's trash
Finna 9-11 bitches with my suicide ass

All out crazy like bum
Clique full of killers and the all run the slum
So if you want beef then you got the right one
If you ain't getting money better go and get some
(We getting money like)
Bum (6x)
(We getting money like)
Bum (6x)
(We getting money like)
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Bum Lyrics

Tokyo Jetz – Bum Lyrics

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