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Flashpoint Serenade Lyrics

Tokyo Blade – Flashpoint Serenade Lyrics


School days, well she ain't no little kid yellin' back at mamma
Daddy knows he's got a situation
Now he sits and prays that it's just infatuation

Stuck in class, the lesson's begun
Her mind is on the night before when she had fun
She says hey, no way, you know what it's like to be young
Learning with the boys she plays a dangerous game
Shooting a line, well there ain't no shame
I say hey, who the hell are you gonna blame

Sneaking down the alleyways
Running down the track
Can't pay the ransom
Get off my back

Hey hey teacher take a hundred lines
You've been a naughty boy
Hey hey, teacher, what's that you were doing after school?!

Flashpoint serenade
Young and wild, going off the rails tonight
Flashpoint serenade
Who said youth is wasted on the young

Blue eyed boy thinks he's got it made
Daddy says you've got to work, you've got to make the grades
I say hey what a price he has to pay
He don't give a damn, says nobody understands
Screw the homework, I've made bigger plans
I say hey, no way, kick his ass in line

Don't give a damn
But you've gotta have money
This shit ain't funny
No land of milk and honey


Trapped in this red brick jungle, this kid's in trouble
Can't point the finger and say who's to blame
Go out with guns a-blazing, self made situation
Me and the boys have got a late night assignation
Oh yeah, gonna kick some ass
Flashpoint serenade, flashpoint serenade
Flashpoint serenade, flashpoint serenade

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