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Easy Money Lyrics

Todd Snider – Easy Money Lyrics

from album: Songs For The Daily Planet (1994)
He tried to look like he had a little bit of money
A grifter with a southern drawl
Well I could tell right away by the the way he was looking
That this boy was not begging to crawl
At least a junkie knows what he needs
He'll get a man all strung out on green
He'll give up everything he's got for just one shot of having it all

He took every cent of his savings
On a trip to the local track
He got a tip from a friend bet it all down to win
On a horse named heart attack
Well now he ain't no fool boys he didn't bet it all
So everything was cool when that horse took a fall
But then he turned around and throwed the rest
Trying to win it all back

He wants that easy money
It's sad but it's true
Everybody wants the most they can possibly get
For the least they could possibly do
They want that easy money
I don't understand
If you sceem and you plan you can't get your hands
On no easy money

Now she's been watching him from the table
Not to soft but not tough
She figured by the money he'd been throwing around
That he was damned shure good looking enough
So she made her way over she shout him a wink
He took his last five bucks and bought her a drink
By the time they hit the motel six
They figured they were in love love love love

She loved that easy money...

Now it must have been about two weeks later
He get a call from a business friend
Who got a shure fire steel of investment deal
And honey guess what he's gonna let both of us in
So they took all of their savings out of the bank
And on the way home they stopped to gas up the tank
She stepped in for some ciggs and she never saw that fucker again

He got that easy money...
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Songwriters: TODD SNIDER
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