There's a special someone for everyone in this world
And when we met, I knew you were that girl.

Our love grew so strong, I was blind to see
You had given your hand to him before you met me.

This forbidden passion wants to grow
But you are torn on which way to go.

You wish we had met when you were free.
But that is not the way it came to be.

When you are in my arms, love continues to grow
But if you can't be mine, I'll have to let you go.

Chorus (Repeat twice)

Mama shook her head, said "It just ain't right.
Slipping around, sinning in the night. "

Wrapped in my arms
Love feels so strong,
But I know you will be gone,
Long before dawn.

Searching my heart I know what I have to do
I'm gonna stop hanging on to something I can't hold on to.
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Stop Hanging On Lyrics

Toby Keith – Stop Hanging On Lyrics