Verse 1:
I knew I'd run into you
Someday out there somewhere
You'd smile and talk for a while like
There was nothing really there.

You act like you don't see this pretty girl
I got with me
You finally get around to the part about
"boy, did you miss me?"

I missed you on your weekend whiskey
Getting crazy at the bar
I missed you running late on sunday
Slidin' in as the preacher starts
I missed you at my sister's wedding
I'd be lying if I said you didn't cross my mind

But I found the love of my life
I think I missed you just right

Verse 2:
In a crazy way I should thank you
For makin' me move on
I was surprised with your goodbye
But I'm grateful that you're gone

I found the one that makes
The mistakes I've made make perfect sense
She'll ask me if I think about you
Every now and then

Repeat Chorus

Oh I'm not sad or angry like I was
I'm just in love

Repeat Chorus
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Missed You Just Right Lyrics

Toby Keith – Missed You Just Right Lyrics

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