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Invisible Lyrics

Toast Freak – Invisible Lyrics

Past, you wouldn't know how to ignore these lies I've found.

You're just like me.

Now I seem to always bring up the past,

I thought time would forever last.

Close your eyes and see.

Guilt creates a lie.

Do I really want this?

I sing and act and think I do.

This concept is just so incomprehendable.

Its over now.

I'll just stay invisible.

I can't say that life can't get any better,

When this fun isn't coming and its just so troubling.

I want to be as light as a feather.

No worries, no cares,

Always together.

So I'll leave you this time, this world of grief.

I drag my feet through gritting my teeth.

I'll watch another door close.

My eyes are now open, my weakness exposed.

Oh, no weakness in fighting.

No reason for trying

Invisible delight

You can't see me tonight.
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