Get off the stage boy, you can't hold a note
This crowds a deadly one I think they like you more back stage (x2)

He swears he's not like everyone else, but this crowd is as shallow as it gets they come just to get their fix,
But they can't see what he has inside, cause his tattoos are just a diguise and all they want is a pretty face.

They never did know what to look for I'm sure romeo was to busy falling in love to lust a mirror, boy you can change this world one heart at a time so please start here and just steal mine just steal mine, just steal mine, and please don't change to what they want you to be, cause all that matters is what you and I see, and everything that we could be, so lets just make this, your best piece, just sing pretty for me

Laaaaaa la la laa laa la laaaaaaaa la laaaaaaaaaa la la laaaa
Laaa la la la laaaaa la laaaaa la la laaa laaaaaaa

Stay on the stage boy, this crowd's just a joke.
Their glances are deadly ones, I know you like them more backstage. (x2)
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Heart Filled Lines Lyrics

To Be Juliets Secret – Heart Filled Lines Lyrics