Shot a man in the street
Clipped his wings like a dove
He fell hard to the ground
Slidin'deep in the mud
I've got clouds in my eyes
Blood on my hands
Fire on my feet
As I run to my Love
Oh I'm slippin' & slidin'again
Yes I'm slippin' & slidin'again
Why am I
Slippin'& slidin' again
She said don't ask me baby
Ask the Devil man
The earth shock
Like a woman
Spit like a man
The win blew
Through the bars
In every prison land
My Love is a cave
Dark as a crow
I'm enslaved by her wisdom
& her hips of gold
Why am I
Slippin' & slidin'again...
Just when you think
It's over baby
You gotta live some more
& just when you think
You've made it
You gotta make more
I woke up
In a fire in my sheets
Straight to an Angel
To kill the heat
I need a hand to hold to
Break my fall
If I can get through this
I can get through them all
Why am I slippin'& slidin'
So much
She said don't ask me baby
Ask the dust
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Slippin' & Slidin' Lyrics

Tito & Tarantula – Slippin' & Slidin' Lyrics