Michael (Michael), Your So s*** (Your So Sexy)
I Need You To Feed Me (Feed Me)

Michael (Michael), I Love You (I Love You)
I Need You To Wipe My Butt (Wipe My Butt)

Michael (Michael), There's Somethin' About You (Somethin' About You)
That Makes Me Hungry For Corn Bread (Corn Bread)

Michael (Michael), Your Man Titties (Your Man Titties)
Get Me So Hard (Get Me So Hard, Yeah)

Michael, You Stink (You Stink)
Just Like Your Huge Farts (Very Huge Farts)

Michael (Michael), I Know What Your Thinkin' (I Know What Your Thinkin')
But I'm Not gay (I'm Not Gay)

Michael (Michael), I Need Some One (I Need Some One)
To Make Me Scream, yeaaaaaa!

Michael (Michael), You Have Nice Abs (Nice Abs)
Ohhh, Yeah!
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Michael Lyrics

Titanium – Michael Lyrics