In the town of Dunwich
In a large country house upslope
It was five in the morning
When Wilbur Whateley was born

His mother was one of the decadent Whateleys
Albino woman, slightly deformed
Stepfather was half-crazy
Elderly man, for witchcraft known

Dark, goat like infant
With phenomenal growth
Soon became an ugly boy
For his father he invoked:

The Old ones were, the Old ones are
Great Old ones will always be
Past, presence and the future
All are one in Yog-Sothoth

Yog-Sothoth, please help me

Our Wilbur Whateley, diabolical creature
Tried to destroy the human race
But he burst into crimson heyday
Before he dragged the Earth to nameless place
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Wilbur Whateley Lyrics

Tirania – Wilbur Whateley Lyrics