You know what?
Well, I'm A lover, not A fighter
So I kiss that girl and say goodbye now
'Cause I came for kicks not for arguments
'Cause I'm A lover, not A fighter

Yo, I used to sit on a? And a ton of spaghetti
Now they think that I'm s*** because I been on the telly
Pull a 007, that molly spinning on bellies
I might go digging for her, I call her Miss Moneypenny
Is it real or fake, somebody give me a hint
I grew up on minimum wage, I grew up hearing the stakes
These rappers calling me bro but they can't even relate
Are you even ready or willing to do anything that it takes?
I saw my teacher from college she said she thinks that I'm great
I better give her a D, she never gave me an A
She tryna get in my jeans, I'm tryna kick of my Js
Take off my du jeans and give her my dna
'Cause all these bitches be loving me, sipping my bubbly
Watching Hangover hangover be the quickest recovery
Couple bad grades, had this shit on my study league
And now she wants my name and a kiss on them double Ds
And I love it

I got too much love to burn, yeah
Ain't got no time to exchange words, baby
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Lover Not A Fighter Lyrics

Tinie Tempah – Lover Not A Fighter Lyrics

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