(n. B. This is the version from the amsterdam lp. The lyrics of other versions differ slightly.)
Two hours twenty minutes
To one, five past
Now it's laying somewhere out there in the ground
And I've lost you
I was cheated
It was something belonged only to me
And now it's gone through my own stupidity
And I lost you
I was cheated

Two whole years spent earning your love
Now it's hanging around in the clouds
Well I've lost you
I was cheated
I'm cheated by my own vanity
Whispering rumours, bullying me
Well I spent it
It wasn't worth it
And for those who are not so beautiful as her
Not giving excuses, but oh...
When it's originally tossed away
It can easily be reclaimed by her
By her

All those years spent building myself up
Trying to stop my staring
And start taking two steps instead of one
But they're so gone now

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For Those... Lyrics

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