[Verse 1]
Seven days, seven nights
And then I'll get my shit together,let it heal right
I hate the snow, I told you twice
The winter cold reminds me of the lonely nights
I bought a ticket, hopped the first flight
Ran after lust and trust that I'd be alright
And when I landed you picked me up
Like "quick show me love"
25,000 miles, my body was magnetized
And no distance is too far for me to feel the burn inside, so

Anywhere you go now I will follow
Float away with you until tomorrow
Baby there I go crossing the cosmo
Anywhere you go now I will follow
Catch a falling star I'll be there 'for ya know
Flying high for sho', crossing the cosmo

[Verse 2]
Ticking time, and now I see
I can't deny the life that you could give to me
Because I have pictured what it'd be like
And my description fits you of that perfect guy
Ima love you so hard you won't ever turn away
And together we'll go so far, limitless as outer space


There I go... crossing the cosmo
There I go... crossing the cosmo
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Crossing The Cosmo Lyrics

Tinashe – Crossing The Cosmo Lyrics