(t. B. Schmit/w. Jennings/b. Gaitsch)

Seems like these days love's a dangerous thing
Is it a gift or curse that you bring?
Oh love... So many dreams will die

But I go on with all the hope in my heart
Though I know life can just tear me apart
Funny old road and I know it will bend
Maybe rainbows shining there at the end

I know a girl who just gave it away
She says it's hard when there's no one who'll stay
These days... Oh I have heard her cry

But she writes songs about the way that she feels
And I hear them and I believe they are real
She is so strong that I feel it in me
And she's right there where she always will be

I guess we'll go on living
Give it all 'til it all starts giving
Walk through this pain and sorrow
Just to feel one more tomorrow
I guess we'll go on living

Oh lovers who gave life to me
I hope they're all happy as they can be
Oh how the years go by

There's a sweet wind blowing out of the west
So I breathe in and know I'm still blessed
I never know what the next day will be
But I'll get up just so I can see

While there is music inside you and me
I guess we'll go on living
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I Guess We'll Go On Living Lyrics

Timothy B. Schmit – I Guess We'll Go On Living Lyrics

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