(We all come into this world with out little egos equipped
With individual horns, if we don't blow them who else well?)

We believe the worst of all evil's is the ego, I am
This will determine the fall of man, the ego, I am [x2]

The need to desire
I breath in the fire
I'm seeking a higher plane
Breeding vampires
The greed is a lier
Pleading to aqquire another, chain
Walking the wire
The bleeding empires
Rap is a stereotype for hire with no color to blame
Blurring the reality is confidence's aim
Slowly but loudly I step into society, quietly
Bullet proof even when protection denies me
Humble defies me
While failure keeps an eye on me, luck allows one to rise for free
With truth as my shovel, I'm digging where lies be
Soaking in knowledge watering the roots of a wise tree
A genie appeared and despised me
Cause most mortals wishes consisted of cries of me
So excitement advised me and with a surpise
My mouth released a call for enlightnment and ties of peace
Betrayl dormant
Lies deceased
Evil awakened then thrown back into a coma
I smell fear in the air
But it's just a natural aroma
What does apathy mean?
I don't care
Remember where you came from cause the jealous ones are still there

We believe the worst of all evil's is the ego, I am
This will determine the fall of man, the ego, I am [x2]

Suspicions are not truths and
Guilt forces innocences grip to loosen
Travelling lands with one eye open
Down on earth mind lightyears away more than spoken
Blood leaves my loose leafs soaken reincarnation of my enemies I'm hoping
Starvation broken
Told arrogance to swallow his pride left him choking
Humbleness delivered the heimlick manuveur
Gratitude locked in the sewer
While confidence took the seven continent tour
Watch out for people who say you the shit cause to others you're just
Biting lucifer's lurer
Impaled on the skewer
Reinforcements are fewer
When you're a narcissist with no allies to list, yet enemies exist
One ring, five knuckles, jealousy makes a fist
Impact is greater with the twist of the wrist
Venom secreated, she cursed me with a kiss
Staring at the fang marks begging for forgiveness knowing mercy missed
Now I'm feeling depressed
Staring at lady luck undressed, what's next?
I guessed, she said time for a test
What evil lies in man?
I stood perplexed as she said... (the ego)

We believe the worst of all evil's is the ego, I am
This will determine the fall of man, the ego, I am [x2]

Faith I've been testing
The confidence resting
The moon is a crescent
Gravity I question
Lessons, a bottle got them confessing
Misinterpretation of expression
Sitting at the periodic table only thinking about four elements
Over my left shoulder throwing sodium
A man told me as I would get older I'd rather be the words on the paper
Instead of behind that podium
I had this vision
That showed a show with charisma that attracted the population with
This increased the ego's metabolism
The soul screamed as it was dragged to prison
It bragged I listened
It stabbed decisions
And sadness had risen
An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind
Evidence misplaced seek and you'll find divine inspiration interpretated
Circles of crop serve as a sign, denying zion
The ego is the king of the jungle cause it's always lion
Eavesdropping on truth spreading rumors to reality confusion applying
Trust six feet under the subconscious slowly dying

(Don't get to cocky my boy, no matter how good you are)

I prespire
Bullets or ammo, on a level I'm higher visions I channel
Ignoring compliments, in my palms burning candles
Images of my past life riding camels
Conversations with poets wearing sandals (sandals)
Reality I'm trying to grasp but can't handle
Knowing I'm merely mortal staring at the ceiling panels
Concentrating, trying to move objects with my mind (mind)
Worried cause I'm not sounding like my inspirations
Thinking to myself I'd be the busiest doctor cause I got too much patience
My own name I've been wasting (wasting)
Let's all patronize each other and play leapfrog
Curiousity killed the cat burglar
Razors in out palms but we still applaud (clap)
The dislexic dog thought he was god, but don't we all
Aetheist is just another hopeless adjective we waste
Let's all bake humble pie and brag about how good it tastes (tastes)
Their eyes droop from the rotted flesh falling off their stapled on smirk
Applied with arrogant paste (paste)
Negativity, somewhat like a forcefield
I love it when I walk into a battle and people put up their egotistical
Humbleness, sinking in the quicksand
I developed a quick plan
Dancing for rain while attemping to predict the weather
Not sure of my self but opposites stick together
I opened my fortune cookie it read:
No matter how good you are there's always someone better
(There's always someone better)
(You are the greatest, time)
(You are the greatest, time)
Awareness (you are the greatest)
God got an ego and so do you
(You proceed with false assumption, I have no ego to bruise)
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Humility Lyrics

Time – Humility Lyrics