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Pretend You Don't Know Lyrics

Time And Distance – Pretend You Don't Know Lyrics

You left me here with nothing to lose..
And as I take it all back,
I'd still take it from you..
And I'm writing the same words every time..
But I guess that never mattered to you..

And I'm sorry that it didn't quite work out this time..
So you can deal with your regrets,
And i'll deal with mine..
And don't forget to call me when you 'make it. '
and for now,
I'll just think what I want..

This time, it's plain to see..
After everything,
I will be the one who is left laughing..
And I hope that you meant it,
Everything you said..
You're too blind to see it going wrong again..

Well don't tell me that it's nothing..
I can see it's killing you..
And i'll take every word you say as gospel
take it straight to heart..
And I hate you,
But I love you,
And I swear it doesn't matter..
And you're running away,
Screaming 'i can't take this'..
You beat me and you broke me,
And now I'm falling down..
If I'm falling down,
Pretend you don't know.
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