I have heard that there's a whisper in the wind
That speaks of love and loss everywhere it's been
And so it goes, and as it is it will remain

It's hard to think when things are happening so fast
We could make it better love, but could we ever make it last
Oh the future's always tied up in the past

You know a friend of mine died there yesterday
Had a fight with cancer and all the sudden passed away
She had hopes and dreams but now lies quiet in her grave

They say these things can be a blessing in disguise
You can't really see that throught the teardrops in your eyes
But everyone lives, everyone dies

I think about my friend and I wonder where she is
Did she find God or does she wander in the wind
To remind the world of a life that could've been but never was

I have heard the whisper in the wind
I can feel the love I've lost as it passes through my skin
And so it goes, and as it is it will remain
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Whisper In The Wind Lyrics

Tim Stop – Whisper In The Wind Lyrics