Sometimes I sit and think about all the times I never gave a damn, how =
My actions affected those around, I never stopped to think that anybody =
Ever cared about me. I wonder if it is a bit too late to reverse the =
Feelings of their hate, I want to say that I apologize, I'm trying to =
Redeem myself but I still want to keep my pride. When I think of =
Yesterday I can see there's nothing more for me, I want to think about =
Tomorrow, time just fades the pages from my book of memories, I want to =
Think about tomorrow. The brutal things I said and all the people hurt, =
I hope they forgive me, the brutal things I said and all the people =
Hurt, I'm glad those days are gone.
Submitted by: Mel
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Redemption Lyrics

Tilt – Redemption Lyrics