She says: I like Fundays better than Sundays
Don't like Brandy, I like candy
Hey don't tease me, just try and please me
You know she's a Perfect Girl
She is a perfect girl
With morals on her side
She went to church and went to school
And never ever lied
And she is daddy's little girl
With hair all up in curl
A twinkle in her eyes
And a smile just like sunrise
You've heard about those girls
In girly magazines
Well I'm sure you won't find her
On the pages in between
She never smokes and she won't drink
She's perfectly unique
And if she has a crime
It's her phone bills outa line
She says: Maybe I might let you hold me
Just don't think that you can ever own me!
I know that other girls
Are looking for a guy
Well she was never raised that way
She's reaching for the sky
So you can take your fancy things
And take your diamond rings
As funny as it sounds
They don't make her world go round
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Perfect Girl Lyrics

Tiktak – Perfect Girl Lyrics