[Verse 1]
We both took a drive downtown, Made a left, then turned around, again.
Where we'll stop, nobody knows, Somewhere where the river flows
And the rain falls down on a hot day,
Where the clock stands still, But still we'll say,


Where did the time go?
Doesn't anybody know?

Where did the time go?
Seems so long ago.

Where did the time go?

[Verse 2]
Look into the big blue sky, Sit and watch the clouds float by, again.
Soon the clouds, they'll disappear, Give way to the atmosphere,
Then as day turns into night,
We'll say as the stars come into sight,


Love and luck come hand-in-hand,
This I've come to understand.
No time won't stop for you or I,
No matter how hard we try.


[Verse 3]
Feel the sand beneath your feet, That pleasant breeze it smells so sweet, again.
Let the waves crash over you, Kick back and enjoy the view.
And soon, the glowing Moon will rise.
Before long, you'll shout out in surprise,


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Where Did The Time Go? Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Where Did The Time Go? Lyrics