[Verse 1]
Deck of a tall ship
Man, that’d be a real trip
Runnin’ around on the ocean just like the pirates of old
With my own treasure of silver, diamonds, and gold

[Verse 2]
Is it real? Is it true?
Out on the Caribbean blue
No joke, no gag
‘Cause we’re flyin’ that skull and bones flag

Or maybe I’m just a wanna’ be (phruitcake pirate)
Livin’ out my wanna’ be (tirade)
Phruitcake pirate (yes, he’s a)
Phruitcake pirate (yes, he is)

Goin’ strong under sail,
Doin’ good, we ain’t gonna fail, (pirates! )
Gonna’ live to tell the tale, (pirates! )
Ain’t gonna’ be eaten by no whale, (pirates! )


[Verse 3]
Wine, rum, waves, and women
Can’t all be that wrong
A drum, some rum, native girls to capture with just an island song
Sittin’ on the beach hittin’ a bong, man I'd be livin’ large just like Cheech and Chong


Because I’m a phruitcake pirate
Just livin’ my life out loud
Three maybe four centuries
Too late (too late...)

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Phruitcake Pirate Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Phruitcake Pirate Lyrics