Pensacola Rain, sounds just like a freight train.
Rolling down the tracks, with nothing left to gain.
Walking barefoot in the rain, have no need to explain.
Let us dance the night away, in that Pensacola rain.

[Verse 1]
Here it comes, another day.
Sun has appeared, clouds are gray.
Lift your head and close your eyes.
Let the rain take you away.

[Verse 2]
The golden sun it hasn’t set.
And I haven’t kissed you yet.
Yesterday has come and gone.
So tomorrow’s our best bet.


[Verse 3]
Let us sail on out to sea.
In a boat just you and me.
And when that rain comes falling down.
We’ll be fine just wait and see.

[Verse 4]
That night we ran down to the bar.
We really didn’t get very far.
‘Cause the clouds they had a plan.
The raindrops look like falling stars.

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Pensacola Rain Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Pensacola Rain Lyrics